Hi, we’re Pelucci.

We've made it our mission to make morning walks, car rides and park visits easier and safer, for both you and your pooch. Innovative products that pave the way for better walks and more play, every. woofin'. day.

Function First.

We pride ourselves on creating dog accessories that will stand the test of time; rain, hail and shine. Everything we make is developed with a function-first perspective because "it looks nice” only matters if it also “works well.”

Quality Essentials.

We create quality functional essentials - from adjustable dog leashes, to dirt and water-resistant harnesses, while providing an effortless shopping experience, wherever you may be.

Help us be great.

Community is at the core of who we are. As we evolve and create new products, we’ll never stop asking for feedback, guidance, and inspiration from you, our fellow dog lovers. Have suggestions? Reach us via email or on social media.

Make a mark.

We believe small actions mobilise great change and voting with your dollar is a big part of it. Your purchase allows us to support the work of BAWA, an organisation helping Bali dogs in need.