Why Is Chocolate So Bad For Dogs?

Why Is Chocolate So Bad For Dogs?

Picture this: your best four legged friend looking up at you with puppy-dog eyes as you chomp on that chocolate bar. Surely they can have just a bit? NOPE! Wrong. Bah. You may already know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but do you know why? Sit and stay right there, because we're about to get real scientific up in this blog.

Paw's Off! 

Chocolate contains a sneaky ingredient called theobromine, which makes us humans feel very very good. Dogs on the other paw, well, let's just say it can make them feel really ruff. You see, Dogs can't metabolise theobromine, so it builds up in their systems as a 'toxin.' Yikes! Even a small amount of dark chocolate can send them straight to the vet. 

Common Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

Chocolate's toxic side effects can be a real dog-gone disaster, fur-real. From stomach upset and diarrhoea to tremors and seizures, it's a howling recipe for disaster. In severe cases, where large amounts are ingested, it could even be fatal.

Protect Your Pooch

Remember, it's not just bars of chocolate; it's cocoa powder, cocoa beans, and even some desserts that contain theobromine. Be vigilant when it comes to keeping any cocoa-infused goodies out of their curious snoots. Instead, spoil them with dog-safe treats, loads of belly rubs and perhaps even a new Pelucci Walk Kit in Cocoa, the only 'chocolate' that is actually good for dogs.

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