Interactive Toys That Every Work-from-Home Dog Parent Needs

Interactive Toys That Every Work-from-Home Dog Parent Needs

Working from home can be a blessing, allowing us to spend more time with our beloved furry companions. However, it's important to keep our dogs mentally stimulated and entertained during the workday. That's where interactive toys come in. These 3 must-have enrichment toys by Pelucci are designed to keep your dog engaged, mentally stimulated, and busy while you tackle your tasks. 

Tennis Tumble - The Ultimate Toy for Bored Dogs.

As the name suggests, this interactive puzzle toy features a tennis ball trapped in a durable rubber cage, creating a captivating challenge for your ball-obsessed pup. As your dog tries to free the ball from jail, they'll engage their problem-solving skills and keep themselves busy for hours. It's an absolute game-changer for dog parents who work from home.

Twist Toss - Treat Dispensing Fun.

The Twist Toss is a fan favourite that combines playtime with tasty rewards. This durable rubber ball has a hollow centre designed to hold your dogs favourite treats. As your dog rolls, nudges, and tosses the ball, treats will be dispensed, providing a tasty incentive for play. Not only will your dog enjoy the physical engagement, but they'll also exercise their problem-solving abilities to extract those yummy snacks. It's a win-win for both you and your furry colleague!

Bolt Bite - Treat-Filled Rubber Stick.

If you're looking for a versatile and engaging toy, the Bolt Bite is a fantastic choice. It's hollow, so can be filled with your dog's favourite treats like peanut butter, cheese, or jerky. For longer-lasting fun, you can even freeze peanut butter inside the Bolt Bite. Your dog will spend hours happily licking, chewing, and working to extract the treats, all while keeping themselves entertained and mentally stimulated.

But Remember! Enrichment Toys Are Not A Substitute For Physical Exercise.

While interactive toys are fantastic for keeping your dog engaged during work hours, crate training or while you cook dinner, it's essential to remember that they are not a substitute for daily walks and outdoor exercise. Dogs need time outside to explore, socialise, and sniff around. Interactive enrichment toys like the Tennis Tumble, Twist Toss, and Bolt Bite are wonderful supplements to their routine, providing mental stimulation and entertainment, but they should always be accompanied by regular physical activity.

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