Interactive Toys That Every Work-from-Home Dog Parent Needs

Interactive Toys That Every Work-from-Home Dog Parent Needs

Working from home can be a blessing, allowing us to spend more time with our beloved furry companions. However, it's important to keep our dogs mentally stimulated and entertained during the workday. That's where interactive toys come in. These 3 must-have enrichment toys by Pelucci are designed to keep your dog engaged, mentally stimulated, and busy while you tackle your tasks. 

Tennis Teaser - The Ultimate Toy for Bored Dogs.

As the name implies, this engaging puzzle toy showcases a tennis ball ensnared within a sturdy rubber cage, presenting an intriguing challenge for your ball-loving canine. As your dog attempts to liberate the ball from its confines, they’ll exercise their problem-solving abilities and stay entertained for hours on end. It’s a perfect solution for dog owners who work from home.

Treat Tumbler - Treat Dispensing Fun.

The Treat Tumbler is a beloved toy that merges fun with delicious rewards. Crafted from durable rubber, this ball features a hollow center perfect for storing your dog's favourite treats. As your dog rolls, nudges, and throws the ball, treats are dispensed, offering a tasty motivation for play. This toy not only provides physical stimulation but also challenges your dog's problem-solving skills to retrieve the snacks.

Chew Bolt - Treat-Filled Rubber Stick.

If you need a versatile and captivating toy, the Bolt Bite is an excellent option. Its hollow design allows you to fill it with your dog's favourite treats, such as peanut butter, cheese, or yoghurt For extended enjoyment, try freezing peanut butter inside the Bolt Bite. Your dog will spend hours licking, chewing, and figuring out how to retrieve the treats, all while staying entertained and mentally engaged.

But Remember! Enrichment Toys Are Not A Substitute For Physical Exercise.

While interactive toys are great for keeping your pup entertained while you're busy with work, crate training, or cooking, it's crucial to understand that they can't replace the necessity of daily walks and outdoor activities. Dogs thrive on outdoor exploration, socialization, and sniffing adventures. Toys like the Tennis Teaser, Treat Tumbler, and Bolt Bite add valuable mental stimulation and fun to their routine, but they should complement, not replace, regular physical exercise.

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