Dog Walking Must-Have Accessories

Dog Walking Must-Have Accessories

Embarking on a dog walking adventure requires more than just a leash and a pair of shoes. At Pelucci, we understand the importance of having the right gear for the job. Not sure exactly what you need? Let us break down some of the best essential dog walking accessories that you and your pooch will love. 

A Harness

Walking your dog should be a pleasure, not a pain. That's why Pelucci's harnesses are unmatched when it comes to comfort. Innovatively crafted from neoprene mesh, they provide a cushiony softness that will have your pup feeling like they're wearing nothing at all! No more uncomfortable tugging, pinching or rubbing against their skin. Our harnesses are ultra-lightweight yet sturdy, with 3 leash attachment points, offering the perfect balance between comfort and control. Not to mention our harnesses are also dirt and odour resistant and super easy to clean, because no one likes a damp and smelly dog harness. 

A Collar

No beloved pup should ever leave the house without identification, in case the unthinkable happens, you want to be reunited with your furry friend as quickly as possible. A collar with an identification tag really is a no brainer for your pups safety and your peace of mind. Just like the rest of our gear, Pelucci's collars are the epitome of style and durability. Made from buttery soft recycled nylon and high-quality finishings, our collars are built to withstand daily wear and tear. Got a dirty dog? No worries! Dirt, grime and miscellaneous scents wash away easily with soapy water, having your gear looking as good as new in no time. 

A Leash

Finding the right leash is essential for a seamless walking experience. Pelucci offers leashes that strike the perfect balance between style, control and freedom. With a wide range of colours and two lengths to choose from, you can choose the leash that fits your dog’s size and personality the best. Walk confidently knowing that our leashes are crafted from the same buttery soft recycled nylon and high-quality finishings as our collars, making them water-proof, dirt and odour-resistant.

Poop Bags

Keeping your surroundings clean during walks is crucial. Pelucci's poop bag holders attach easily to your dog’s leash, so that you’re always armed and ready for when nature calls. With a compact, durable and stylish design, our holders securely store your poop bags ensuring they're always within reach. The twist top guarantees swift reloads, and with the added bonus of eco-friendly cornstarch Poop Bags, you're not just saving the day, but also the planet. Let's make walks cleaner, one heroic scoop at a time!

Walk easy with The Walk Kit

With the right gear, walking your dog can be a hoot. Since you can grab all of your dog walking essentials from Pelucci, save time and money by getting your pup The Walk Kit. It includes everything you need bundled into one colour-matched kit that is guaranteed to make your furry friend the talk of the park.

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